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Our Story

​We believe Bridlington offers the best shellfish in the world, and want to help make it the ‘Lobster Capital of the World’ by championing awareness and enjoyment of this wonderful product. The shellfish we offer we believe to be the best because of their size & their succulence - having grown up in the perfect conditions of the North Sea - and their pure quality, having undergone our unique purification processes prior to sale. This process, backed by the capabilities of our own fishing fleet, means we can ensure the availability of this sought-after produce all year round. We have poured our many decades of experience into pioneering specialist storage tanks at our site in Carnaby, Bridlington. We store and purify the many tonnes of lobster we catch, then ship it out directly to consumers, and restaurants as well as other hospitality outlets when it reaches optimum eating. As an artisan family fishing business, we understand the industry inside out and are passionate about championing it throughout the world, through our expert knowledge and strong relationships. We fish our own produce, offering 360-degree traceability from sea to plate, with full control over everything including how the produce is caught, transported, processed and maintained, and then distributed. With two already successful businesses - Genesis Fishing and Coastal Shellfish Ltd - and an enviable reputation, we feel now is the time to press ahead with the next phase of our evolution, a flagship new business-to-consumer/ business-to-hospitality product offering, backed by innovation, which will provide a legacy for future generations of our family. We are passionate about doing something to set a new agenda for the regional and UK fishing industry – encouraging our national population to truly understand and embrace the excellent produce our shores have to offer, rather than simply exporting the majority of it abroad. We believe the timing is perfect for this venture, as the home-cooked foodie culture resulting from COVID means the public is potentially willing to spend more on quality produce for home, and are willing to take the time and effort to learn how to prepare it properly, to create something really special. We are acting as guardians of the marine environment which is also crucial to us, and our core ethos is built on the idea of producing high-quality, sustainable seafood from a well-managed fishery. We are committed to undertaking educational and tourism initiatives, teaching children and adults alike about our fisheries and how we can all work to protect them for future generations to enjoy.§ Brexit has provided us with a unique opportunity to pivot and grow, by opening up longer-range potential markets for British seafood in places like the United Arab Emirates.

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